The humble olive, a staple to the mediterranean cuisine and very tasty, but did you know it is also your secret weapon to beautiful skin?

Someone who knows all about this is Donna Simunovic, the creator of Olive Natural Skincare.  She has used all aspects of the olive including the oil and leaves to create a natural, botanically based skincare range. That means no testing animals, no parabens, no mineral oils, no artificial colours, fragrances or silicones.

My favourite product from the range is the Olive Leaf Rosehip Oil.


This oil is a power house for your skin, the olive leaf contains antioxidants that are anti-ageing and help soften your skin. Meanwhile the Rosehip oil helps with acne, anti-ageing, hydration and  reducing the appearance of scars.  I love to apply this at night before bed. I slather a generous amount on my face and neck and wake up to beautiful, luminous skin. Due to its broad range of benefits I would recommend this for all ages.


The skin under your eyes is very delicate, so it is important to look after it to prevent wrinkles.  I love the Revitalising Eye gel as it contains aloe vera, cucumber extract and cornflower extract. These ingredients, along with the olive leaf help hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  As the formula is very fast absorbing, it is perfect to apply under make-up.


If you suffer from hyper pigmentation or acne scarring you need a brightening moisturiser in your life! I have been using this for over a month and noticed a significant reduction in my acne scarring.  The active brightening ingredient is bearberry extract, team that with lemon extract and grape oil for the most beautiful spa like scent and of course very nourishing and hydrating for your skin.



If you are lazy and but still care your skin may I introduce you to your new best friend: Moisturising Night Cream! Before you to go bed, apply liberally to your face and literally get some beauty rest. While you sleep let the extra virgin Olive Oil, Rose petal extract, Pomegranate oil and Mulberry to give you skin that extra punch of hydration.  As the name suggests keep this moisturiser for bed as it very rich in formula and won’t sit well under make-up during day.


One part of our body we often neglect is our hands. Often day to day activities such as washing your hands or cleaning can dry out hands. Also did you know one of the of the first places to look signs of ageing is your hands? Keep them soft, hydrated and young with Olive Hand Moisturising Cream. Containing pure Olive leaf extract, avocado extract, shea butter and vitamin E.  The formula is non greasy but rich and moisturising, with a beautiful natural scent.

I love that Olive Natural Skincare covers a range of different body parts and skin concerns so, Olive Natural Skincare and I would love to give YOU the opportunity to try these products for yourself. We are giving away a Christmas Daily Gift Pack featuring the Hand Moisturising Cream, Pomegranate Body Lotion and Natural Lip Balm. The Daily gift set is perfect for loved ones who are planning a Summer getaway. Packaged in custom designed boxes featuring abstract olive watercolour illustrations, these Christmas gift sets represent the sumptuous botanicals used to create Olive’s natural formulations.


To win all you need to do is be following @ausbeautyandskincarereviews and @olivenaturalskincare, comment and tell me why you love natural skin care and like and tag a friend in my latest instagram post!

For more information on Olive Natural Skincare be sure to check out their website:

Until next time beauties

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  • Rebecca Berto

    Thank you for running down the range. I am excited to try the brightening moisturiser!

    Natural skincare is so important to me because it cares for the world and it cares for my skin. Who would want anything different?

  • Laura Tough

    These products sound interesting!

    I prefer natural skincare because it’s way more gentle on the skin and my sensitive skin prefers it!

  • Lauriana

    These products sound amazing, I have very sensitive skin so I will definitely have to try them out!

  • Michael a

    Makes my skin silly smooth

  • Mikki

    I love natural skin care, I definitely have to try this brand out!