Uni Organics had me hooked from the name alone! As I have discovered more and more about beauty and skincare, my concern has shifted to what ingredients are being used and how they affect my body/skin. I was so excited to try this self tanner as Uni Organics are an Australian brand with certified organic ingredients. They are also free from chemicals, not tested on animals, are ethically produced and vegan.



The Ultimate Tan Self Tanning Cream for Face and Body promises to give a natural long lasting tan without the use of chemicals or toxins. The first question I had and I’m sure you are wondering the same, is how exactly does your skin become tan with all natural ingredients? My first thought was it has to be from a fruit and I turned out to be half right! The self tanner container a natural tanning ingredient sourced from sugar beets combined with grapeseed extract. This deepens your skin colour over an 8 hour period with no chemicals needed.

It’s other key ingredients are Sunflower Seed Oil and Lemon Aspen Extract. Sunflower Seed Oil has moisturising properties that help the skin to retain water and Lemon Aspen Extract helps to repair skin and is also anti-ageing.

The formula is a light weight cream so I found it best to apply with my hands. It applied evenly and dried fairly quickly but what really impressed me was the smell. IT WAS AMAZING! Sweet and fruity, a lovely change from the chemical, gross fake tan smell I have become accustomed to.

During the 8 hour wait I actually forgot I applied the tan and I’m guessing it’s because it I didn’t feel sticky or uncomfortable (worst feeling ever) and as an added bonus it didn’t stain my clothes or sheets!



After showering I was excited to discover how natural and streak free the tan the was. I was definitely a few shades darker and my skin was glowing.  I was very impressed because with fake tan it can go one of two ways. It can either be so subtle that you can barely notice anything or  you end up looking like you have been rolling around in Doritos or escaped from Willy Wonkers factory. Thankfully that was not the case and even got a few compliments.

The staying power was quite good also, I found the tan lasted around 5 days on my skin and faded very evenly.

The Ultimate Tan Self Tanning Cream contains 150ml of product and costs $34.95AUD. It is  available for purchase  from

If you are looking for a natural tan with natural ingredients I would highly recommend the Ultimate Tan Self Tanning Cream for face and body .

What’s your favourite self tanning product? I would love to hear from you.

xx ausbeautyandskincarereviews

**This product was provided to me as part of a PR sample. I have not been paid for this review and all opinions are my own**


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