This review has been awhile in the making, thanks to these lip kits being so hard to get! Unless you have been living under a rock you will know that the youngest Kardashian/Jenner Kylie, has created a cosmetics line called Kylie Cosmetics. At the moment they are only selling lip products, but it seems that’s all they need.  These lip products are getting a lot of hype and are selling out in seconds every single time!  The makeup line currently contains 8 matte liquid lipsticks with matching lip liners, 3 nude lip-glosses and her latest addition is 3 metal matte liquid lipsticks.

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Kylie releases the date and time of each Lip Kit restock on her Kylie Jenner app which costs $2.99 per month.  If you are not interested in paying $2.99 per month, there are many Instagram accounts dedicated to updating you with the restock dates and times for free. Quite often if you check the comments on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account  you will find the restock information there as well.

Once you have the restock time and date, your next task will be converting the LA time to your time zone and setting an alarm in your phone 5 minutes prior to that, so you don’t forget.

5 minutes prior to restock be ready with the website open and ready to go. You need to make sure you know the products you are buying beforehand, as there will be no time for umming and ahhing or changing your mind. With these Kylie Lip Kits selling out so quickly, you have limited time and can easily miss out. Also be prepared for the shipping fees, there is no way around them. $8.95USD for domestic shipping or $14.95 USD ($17.95AUD at the time of this review) for international shipping.

Next is payment, unfortunately credit card is the only method of payment so you must have your card ready in your hand, or even better write your details in a word document so you can cut and paste the information in, saving you even more time.

Once you have filled in your credit card information the site will take you to a loading page. It is crucial that you continue to refresh this page, if you don’t your order may not go through.  If you are successful with your purchase you will receive an email confirming your order and shortly after you will receive another email when your order has been shipped.

I made two separate orders and both took just a little over two weeks to arrive in Australia, which is very good timing considering the Lip Kit’s are coming  from California, USA.

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The Kylie Jenner Lip Kits arrive in a black and white box with the signature dripping paint like effect.  When you open the box you will find your lip kits (obviously) some package cushioning and a card. On one side of the card it has a picture of Kylie’s lips with a grill peaking out from her giant pink lips with white paint dripping down them. The other side has  a message from Kylie Jenner herself, thanking you for purchasing her lip kit and supporting her.

The actual Lip Kits come in a box with the same logo on the thank you card except the dripping colour is the colour of the Lip Kit you have chosen (brown, pink etc). That colour also extends to the top and sides of the box. On the back of the box you will find Kylie’s signature, an ingredient list for the lip liner and liquid lipstick and Kylie’s Tips. Funnily enough her tip is really just instructions on how to apply the products “Line lips with lip liner and fill lips in with liquid lip colour”.

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I picked up 4 of the liquid matte lipsticks in the shades Koko K (a pale pink with slightly grey undertones) Mary Jo K (a blue based red) Candy K (nude 90’s pinky brown) Dolce K ( Caramel brown/nude). The formula is very thin and watery with a strong vanilla scent, it applies quite evenly and dries very quickly. The staying power is incredible, very long lasting, I got away with 5 hours, which is longer than most liquid lipsticks. The liquid lipstick felt very light and comfortable on the lips initially, but after 6 hours we found it became crumbly, drying and patchy in areas. Obviously the darker the lipstick shade the more obvious the patchiness will be. The liquid lipstick comes in a plastic tube, with a doe foot applicator. The design on the tube of black dripping paint and Kylie signature is edgy, cool and visually appealing.  The one criticism I have is the colour of the liquid lipstick does not appear the same in the tube as it does on the lips. This makes it quite challenging to choose the right colour for you without swatches, as the colours vary so much depending on your skintone.

ausbeautyandskincarereviewskylie jenner lip kit candy k

ausbeautyandskincarereviewskylie jenner lip kit koko k

ausbeautyandskincarereviewskylie jenner lip kit dolce k

ausbeautyandskincarereviewskylie jenner lip kit mary jo K


The lip liners are crayon like and really, really creamy, they glide across the lips with ease and perfectly match the liquid lipsticks, which I very much appreciate. Although Kylie specified that you can sharpen them “in the normal way” with a regular sharpener, I found them really difficult to sharpen and the lid of the lip liner kept falling off as well, making them very difficult to travel with.

ausbeautyandskincarereviewskylie jenner lip kit candy k lip liner

ausbeautyandskincarereviewskylie jenner lip kit koko lipliner

ausbeautyandskincarereviewskylie jenner lip kit dolce k lip liner

ausbeautyandskincarereviewskylie jenner lip kit mary jo K lip liner






Each matte Kylie Lip Kit retails for $29USD which converts to $37.12AUD (at the time of this review) which includes the liquid lipstick and matching lip liner.

Available exclusively on the Kylie Cosmetics Website:


I think these liquid lipsticks are great, they come in a range of “on trend colours” that Kylie Jenner made very famous. I appreciate the matching lip liner and the lasting power of the liquid lipsticks are excellent. The price is quite good even after the Australian conversion rate for a liquid lipstick and lip liner. If you compare them to Mac,  a lipstick will cost you $34.99AUS and a basic lipliner is $30.00AUD. I would definitely recommend them, if you can get your hands on them.

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Have you tried anything from the Kylie Cosmetics line? If so let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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    i love cosmetics i made an excelent choice….i would recomend cosmetics to my friends.

  • Lisa fernandez

    Great product but agree with the liner lid always falling off! It’s really frustrating! I like to have my lip products on me to touch up but the lids don’t fit at all making it impossible

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