The beauty industry has been bombarded highlighters.  Since 2015 nearly every week a brand is launching a new highlighter whether it high end or low, and I am not complaining!

I was one of those lucky people who managed to get the Jeffree Star Skin Frost in the first release. I set my alarm for an ungodly hour (USA to Australia time difference is terrible) picked the highlighter Ice Cold (to match my heart) and checked out within a minute. After all the drama with trying to get a Kylie Lip Kit, I have learnt not to muck around! My skin frost arrived in record time (just over a week). I was seriously impressed with customer service and super excited to test this baby out.





To my delight the compact was huge, the product contains a whopping 15 g of product, to put that into perspective the Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm (another excellent highlighter) contains 8.5 grams. True to Jeffree Star’s style the compact is a beautiful, Barbie doll pink, with a huge, good quality mirror, perfect for doing your makeup on the go.




I adore the shade that I picked.  Ice Cold is a beautiful, unique cool, white highlight, that has a smooth and very buttery texture. Personally I love to use a heavy hand when applying highlighter, but there is really no need with this formula being so pigmented, a little really does go a long way.  The highlight comes in three other shades; Peach Goddess (pink/peach highlighter) King Tut (gold highlighter) and Mint Condition (a unique green highlighter).

It is important to point out the Jeffree Star Skin Frost highlighters are completely vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, talc free and gluten free. A lot of these terms get thrown around way to often and you don’t often give it much thought, but if you can make a quality product without harming animals or using cheap filler ingredients such as talc or parabens then I am more then happy to pay the $29USD ($38.29 AUD at the time of publishing this review). I find it really annoying when you are pay big money for a product and the first ingredient you see is mineral oil or talc!

I love that these highlighters are so diverse that there is a shade to suit nearly every skin tone. Ice Cold is perfect for pale skinned, Peach Goddess is best suited for those with medium tones and King Tut would look perfect for those with a deeper complexion.  In saying that, there is no rules when it comes to makeup so if you’re pale and you love King Tut then go for it!

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About Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star is a makeup artist, Youtuber, singer and song writer who launched his brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics in 2014. He started with liquid lipsticks and has progressed to highlighters and an eyeshadow palette.  With a larger then life personality, Jeffree is no stranger to controversy, once famously throwing Kylie Jenner’s lipgloss in the bin due to the poor quality of the brush. I am very impressed with Jeffree’s dedication and passion for producing high quality cosmetics.


I absolutely love the Skin Frost Highlighters, the formula is excellent, the colours where unusual and flattering to many skin tones and the pan size is so big you will never need another highlighter again, even though that won’t stop me from buying more!!!

You can buy Jeffree Star cosmetics from:

Have you tried anything from the Jeffree Star range? If so I love to hear from you in the comments section below!




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