I’m a huge fan of using make up brushes.  Once upon a time I was happy to use my fingers and always ended up having the dreaded “foundation fingers”, even though I’d wash my hands somehow I would find foundation prints on my clothes, work documents and even my car gear stick. Thank goodness I invested in some brushes and those days are behind me.

Today  I will be reviewing some essential brushes from The Beauty Exchange or TBX for short, as well as some accessories.

What sets these brushes apart from the rest is the magnetic handle on every brush. They work perfectly with the magnetic plate (if you are tight for space) or the gorgeous Clique Rectangular Brush Holder.


The Clique Rectangular Brush Holder $39.95

Sleek and stylish, the Clique Rectangular Brush holder is the perfect accompaniment for the TBX brushes. It is also magnetic and allows you to “click” your brushes easily into place.  Gone are the days where you are scrambling through your makeup container trying to find your favourite brush, the Clique Brush Holder allows you to display all brushes and you will never lose them again.

I also love it for storing brushes after washing them. Did you know that when you wash your makeup brush and leave them to dry, water can seep into the ferrel (the part where the brush hairs are glued in) loosen the glue and cause brush hairs to fall out? By storing your brushes upside you can prevent the water travelling up the ferrel and damaging your brush. It also helps the brushes keep their shape and they  air out perfectly.

My favourite brushes from the collection are:

Foundation Buffer Brush $22.95



Foundation Buffer Brush $22.95

I absolutely adore this brush! When I use this to apply my Nars Sheer Glow foundation, my skin looks flawless. The Foundation Buffer Brush is made of short, dense, synthetic bristles making it perfect for applying a liquid or cream foundation. The brush is super soft and due to the size and density of the bristles it allows you to blend in your foundation seamlessly with no harsh lines or streaks. A great brush for beginners and professional make-up artists alike.




Precision Powder Brush $24.95

Made from goats hair this brush is specifically designed for powder use only.  I find myself reaching for this brush all the time, whether it be for blush, bronzer, setting under my eyes or setting my whole face, this brush gets the job done! Due to the cut of the natural hair, it allows for precise application, giving you plenty of control when applying your makeup.


ConcealerMake Up Brush $14.95

Hands up who doesn’t use a concealer brush? I would be lost without it. My under eye circles are intense, so even on my no makeup days I still need a little bit of concealer to stop me looking like a zombie. This concealer brush has natural synthetic bristles and is extremely soft, making it easy to blend into the delicate skin under your eyes. You can also use this brush for applying a colour corrector as well as cream eyeshadow to your eyelids.



Carrier Medium Cosmetics Case $29.95

TBX has all the accessories you could ever need but my favourite item is the Carrier Medium Cosmetics Case. It’s black, stylish with a mesh design and I love to take it when I travel. You can fit all your makeup and brushes in here plus the magnetic plate. Perfect for little getaways.

You can purchase The Beauty Exchange brushes and accessories from:


I would highly recommend all The Beauty Exchange brushes and accessories. The brushes are very high quality, don’t shed hair, are widely available throughout Australia and to top it off they are extremely affordable. In fact, at the time of publishing this post there is actually a sale on The Beauty Exchanges website, saving you even more money.

Have you tried anything from The Beauty Exchange? I would love to hear from you in the comments section.

Love always,

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*DISCLAIMER –These products have been sent to me for my consideration, however all  opinions are my own. I have not been paid to review these product and my opinion and recommendation will always be honest. You cannot buy my stamp of approval. *

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